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Type : Quartz

Brand : Archi Quartz

Finish : Polish

Color : White

Size : 165 x 330 x 20mm

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Casla Lagoon, part of the Casla Quartz collection, captures the essence of tranquil waters and natural serenity. This quartz surface boasts a harmonious blend of soft blues and subtle veining, reminiscent of a peaceful lagoon.
The gentle movement in Casla Lagoon creates a visual interest that resonates with nature-inspired design. The surface, with its smooth finish, invites a touch of tranquility into your interior spaces. Whether used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or accent pieces, Casla Lagoon brings a calming presence to any setting.
Elevate your design projects with the serene beauty of Casla Lagoon, where the inspiration from nature meets the sophistication of quartz. Immerse your spaces in the tranquil allure of Lagoon, creating an atmosphere that transcends time and trends.

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